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David Yates is bringing DOCTOR WHO to the Big Screen in 2 or 3 years!!!

What's the Doctor's name?

Doctor Who

That's what I'm asking you.


The Doctor, What's his name?

Not What, but Who

The Doctor.


Hey folks, Harry here...  Sometimes I find that Abbott & Costello are too firmly entrenched in my mind to allow for a normal discussion of a DOCTOR WHO movie, but that's where we are.   David Yates, the man who killed off the HARRY POTTER franchise...  giggle.   I'm actually quite excited by this.   I am fond of Peter Cushing's theatrical bow as DOCTOR WHO - but who will be Who for the big screen?

I think it is a very good thing that the BBC is very much thoroughly involved in the production - and that they seem to be taking their time with the production.   Stating that they intend to take 2 or 3 years to get it right...  and getting it right will be something entirely up for debate as the legions of DOCTOR WHO faithful will likely debate every bit of knowledge that we gather for this time-travelling Time Lord.   SO...  Which WHO is the WHO you'd love to see on the Big Screen - and...  Whom have you always wanted to see be a big screen DOCTOR WHO?   

Scarfs are going to be so popular!

Thanks goes to VARIETY for breaking the story.

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