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The UnCensored Talkbacker presents DARK KNIGHT RISES as seen through his lens!

Hey folks, Harry here...  I would just like to applaud you folks watching the shooting of DARK KNIGHT RISES...  although - with SPIDER-MAN shooting in New York right now, I am curious if any of you have seen any of that going down.   But last night, nearly 1am a very excitable and giddy SHINING fan - who I'll call The UnCensored Talkbacker - as that is his favorite thing on AICN - and he had spent the better part of his weekend filming the shooting of DARK KNIGHT RISES with his 1080p camera - and edited together the best ofs for you folks to enjoy.   I know Nordling posted a thing earlier talking about how he wasn't watching this stuff...   but let me be straight with you folks.

What you see in this footage is COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTEXT action.  Batmobiles, Catwoman on a batpod looking thingamagig, people out cold in a snowy street, we've seen Bat fighting Bane in the street - but what the hell does any of it mean?   We know the action in this film seems to be on a far larger scale - with mass street ragings a going on, but how does any of this come about?   Why are there multiple Bat vehicles?  Who is in them?  Which one is Bale in?   Any of them?  They aren't black!   I just don't see how knowing that riots will occur.  That Catwoman will be on an ass-sentuating vehicle is anything more than us knowing it'll all look amazing in IMAX later.    The key thing I love about Nolan is his story-telling, and nothing that I see below illuminates anything that goes beyond the notion that there is CONFLICT.   Sure, they're shooting in Wall St, but all the vehicles say GOTHAM...  so it isn't even set where they're shooting.  Essentially, they're using New York as a backlot for action.  But why any of it is happening...  that's anyone's best guess.   SO - that's my take on the footage below - which I think is cool as hell.


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