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PUDDY cast as Fox's TICK!


Greetings, meat popsicles! ROBOGEEK here with an example of metaphysically perfect casting. This is a rare beast in Hollywood, which is populated by far too many people who think that, oh..., say, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin would make a good Hellboy, for instance. But every once in awhile planets align, execs are struck by a moment of brief lucidity, and fans' dreams become more than a wish their hearts make (like Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier, for instance). But let me back up first...

Many of you probably first became aware of Ben Edlund's inspired TICK through the Fox Saturday morning cartoon, which debuted in 1995 and ran for three years (and has since enjoyed a noble late-night existence on Comedy Central). But some of you, like me, have been TICK fans for a long, LONG time -- since the original black-and-white comics first came out years earlier. In fact, I'm proud to say that I was a member of the _original_ TICK fan club, and still have my official membership kit to prove it (which includes such priceless treasures as the official TICK straw, still in its paper wrapper).

Anyway, I've missed the big blue guy, and have been eagerly awaiting word on the recently announced LIVE-ACTION half-hour TICK series coming to Fox this fall from Barrys Sonnenfeld and Josephson, who will executive produce alongside TICK creator Ben Edlund.

Now, it's no secret that this site has taken a pretty hard line against Sonnenfeld and Josephson in the past, but personally I like them more than dislike them I'll never forgive Jamie Tarses for these crimes-against-humanity).

So I am very happy to hear that they landed at FOX with the new TICK series, as this seems like a very good match. FOX has the potential to become the coolest network _ever_ next season, with the TICK, THE LONE GUNMAN (a pilot of which has recently been ordered), and _hopefully_ BUCKAROO BANZAI. The only thing missing would be for them to steal away BRUCE WAYNE from the WB (which I hear they're itching to do), and they'll rock really, really hard -- even if they don't manage to bring "X-Files" back for another season.

About an hour ago, Variety broke the news that none other than PATRICK WARBURTON will play THE TICK.

Best known for playing Puddy, Elaine's boyfriend on "Seinfeld," Warburton has become fairly ubiquitous thanks to stuff like "Scream 3" and those M&M's ads (you know, the cannibalism one). I, for one, want to be among the first to applaud Sonnenfeld, Josephson, Edlund, et al on this unfathomably brilliant choice.

Production on the pilot is scheduled for early April. For (a little) more info, check out the Variety story at


- Robogeek

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