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The MONDO MYSTERY MOVIE - DAWN OF THE DEAD - See Austinites Run From 200 Zombies! See Harry Knowles Zombified! See George Romero Dispatch A Zombie!

Nordling here.

I was hosting THE EXORCIST on Saturday night, or I would have been all over this.  The final Mondo Mystery Movie of the year was certainly unexpected to say the least - after 700 people arrived at an abandoned church only to find several buses lined up to take them... somewhere, no one had any idea what they would be seeing.  And then, driving up to Highland Mall only to literally be chased into it by 200 zombies, it would have been very obvious at that point what everyone was seeing.  But Mondo turned this screening of DAWN OF THE DEAD into a genuine event, with George Romero himself in attendance.  And then, to sit down into the mall with zombies wandering the corridors while the movie played - that's what you'd call a perfect screening.

Even Harry got in the fun.  Here's some video of the night's events, courtesy of MondoTees.  Man, wish I would have been there.

Next year, I'm going to go to one of these puppies.  Nordling, out.

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