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BTS Video of Tom Cruise on that hellaciously big building in Dubai for Brad "INCREDIBLES" Bird's MISSION IMPOSSIBLE

Hey folks, Harry here...  I like the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE films.  Well, clarification.  I love DePalma & JJ Abrams' MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE movies.   Less so upon John Woo's - though I'd love to see what Woo originally intended it to be, though that film feels a bit incurably insane.   Now though we have Brad Bird doing his first Live Action film - and the big promotional action sequence that Paramount is using to try and activate our collective "Ewwww & Awwwww" drool gland is this sequence upon that really really enormously tallest building in the world, in Dubai.   Now -  I know I'm supposed to not go here in my brain, but I can't help it.

Ok.   So I'm betting there's pretty big security on this building.  It is the World's Tallest - which instantly makes it a target for all manners of pranking.   I have also not read the script - or really know why Tom is on the big building in Dubai - or the circumstances by which he ends up not using the elevators.   BUT - this sequence seems to be shot in the Daytime.   And this building's exterior SEEMS to be entirely transparent glass.   SO...  How does a man scale the WORLD'S TALLEST BUILDING without anyone on the inside noticing.   Maybe it is dealt with in the film.   But right now, my brain is thinking about that.

That said.   CAN YOU IMAGINE the adrenaline rush it has to be, no matter how safely anchored you would be, to just repel upon the tallest building in the world.   Just as a sheer life experience, that has to be just INSANE.   That's some crazy Spider-Man shit.   Here - check it out, oh - and it also says we're getting a new trailer tomorrow!


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