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UPDATE!! Meesa Kant Waitsen Do See Gungans In Three-Deezen!!

Merrick again...

That Vimeo embed has apparently been banished, but it looks like there's still a YouTube online...





Merrick here...

Eric Geller has posted a trailer for Three Dimensionalization STAR WARS EPISODE I: THE PHANTOM MENACE on his Vimeo page, saying it's what appeared in front of THREE MUSKETEERS over the weekend.  Per THIS article at Coming Soon.  

I didn't see THREE MUSKETEERS This weekend!  Can anyone tell us more about this?  1) Is this, indeed, a trailer presented before 3D at MUSKETEERS?  2) Was the trailer itself shown in 3D?  And 3) If it was shown in 3D, how did the conversion look?  

Asking because I find it odd that we didn't receive a single e-mail from readers about this being in theaters...thus...I'm not sure what to make of the following...


More as more comes in. 


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