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BTS of EXPENDABLES 2 - Coming up, CHUCK!

Hey folks, Harry here...  I'm not allowed to ever get in a vehicle with Chuck Norris.   I hear he is fantastic, and I have in fact met him briefly here in Austin once.   BUT - I'll never get in a car with him.   You see, years ago I got a call from a reader in Australia who, whilst washing the dishes had a disconcerting waking vision of my and Chuck Norris' death.   He called to tell me that he doesn't believe in this kind of thing, and that he's never had a VISION before, but that he'd feel awful if I were to die...  and CHUCK NORRIS...  so...  I can't get in a car with Chuck Norris, because apparently a SEMI will run into us and kill us.   NOW... because we know Chuck Norris has no known weakness...  I figure, so long as I don't get in a car with him...  he'll pretty much be around forever - and that's what keeps the Aliens from taking over!

I can't wait to see EXPENDABLES 2.   But AB KING is ever-watchful for images from it!   SO...  here ya go with the BTS shot from a future flick:


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