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The BNAT13WOLF APPLICATION is here! Due Oct 31st - Just 3 more Days! Don't miss out on Pure Awesome!

Hey folks, Harry here...

The past few years, I've had the Alamo Drafthouse create the Application page for BUTT-NUMB-A-THON, this made for an ease of handling the information for the annual BNAT YEARBOOK.   After talking to the lovely Kristen Bell at the Alamo Drafthouse - I've decided that browsing your applications via EXCEL documents is for the birds - so I'm just going to post the application here - and personally handle the entire process this year.   Hell, I can do a ton of it on my stairclimber in REHAB on my iPad.   

Before I get to the application process...  


This year it takes place Saturday the 10th of December through Sunday the 11th of December.  There will be a party the Friday before - and a gathering the night of of the 11th.  Just giving you a heads up.  Details will follow.   It also takes place in Austin, Texas at the most fucking awesome movie theater in the whole goddamn world.   THE ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE!   Still don't know what it is?

Well 13 years ago, Tim League asked me to come up for a fun event to do with the Drafthouse.  I decided it would be a 24 hour film festival - and initially it was just going to be VINTAGE films.  Great films.   I was going to sell it as being a TERRIBLE MOVIE FESTIVAL that nobody would survive - and then surprise everyone with great classics - mainly from my own personal 16mm Film Collection.  After Paul Thomas Anderson committed MAGNOLIA to premiere and I landed the first public screening of PITCH BLACK...  well I decided to make BNAT a mixture of vintage and new.   I tend to like the festival to swing heavier to vintage, though some years the crop of new films is just too good to pass up.   You see, BUTT-NUMB-A-THON took on a life of its own.   I had no idea there would become a BNAT culture.   I had no idea I'd be doing it for over a decade.   And I had no idea that filmmakers would make it a part of their production schedules.   Or that just because a vintage print is played - it goes on to become a Blu-Ray - like what happened with Moroder's METROPOLIS.    I program BNAT to represent the most fun that anyone will have in a movie theater for 24 hours.   You'll see the BEST film you'll see this year - and most likely the worst.   Truly the best of times and the worst of times...   and you get to share it with the very best audience in the world.  Plus - the profits from BNAT go to fund the longest running free film series in Austin, THE SATURDAY MORNING KIDS CLUB - that screens classic films for kids in Austin for the past 13 years!  Oh - and the whole thing takes place on the weekend closest to my birthday, December 11th.   

How do you get in?   By following the following instructions to the letter...  and by letting your geek shine through.   Do realize though - this isn't a Horror/Sci-fi/Fantasy fest - this is all aspects of cinema.   All manners of film.   


(First: Highlight All 21 questions and copy and paste it into your EMAIL window.  Then, beneath the question write "A)" then your answer out to the side.  Please leave spaces between your answer and the next question so it is easily readable.  If you are applying with multiple people, please submit separate emails per application. Everybody must answer all the questions & supply a picture.  Also- Hold off submitting your application till everyone in your group is ready to submit so they stay as closely grouped together, Specific orders may be given with each of the following questions)


1.  What is your full name?

2.  How many in your group? (List their full names after the number)

3.  What is your actual age and zodiac sign?

4.  Where are you traveling to BNAT from?

5.  If you have ever attended or applied to Butt-Numb-A-Thon - list which ones you've attended or applied for and note which is which.

6.  What is your prized geek possession & memory?

7.  What is the lasting memory that you have taken from RAPE SQUAD aka ACTS OF VENGEANCE?

8.  Should TEEN WOLF ever play all the way through at BNAT?

9.  Speaking of what should or shouldn't play - first list the 3 FUTURE FILMS you hope play BNAT13WOLF and then list 3 VINTAGE FILMS you hope play...  

10.  What was the first moment that you realized you loved film?

11.  You'll hate me for this question, but...  List your favorite film in each cateory:  Documentary.  Science Fiction.  Western.  Horror.  Revenge.  Animation. Musical. Erotica. Superhero.  Comedy. Stinker.

12.  What is your T-shirt size?

13. What is your Email & Twitter handle?

14. What habit do you have that came from a movie?  Explain.

15.  How many movies do you see in a week?  Break it down from Theater visits to at home experiences.

16.  What film have you introduced to the most friends?

17.  Favorite James Mason Film?

18.  Your most awkward moment was?

19.  Your TEEN WOLF PHOTO.   At the highest resolution you have at your disposal, I want a photo of you doing something TEEN WOLF related.   (not MTV)  (but the animated series & TEEN WOLF2 are fair game)  You can also reinterpret TEEN WOLF however you like.  Own the wolf.   Own the film.  Because you're still are never going to see it at BNAT!

20.  Your favorite photo of you.   That image that just captured you in a way that makes you think...  I rule. 

21.  Why do you want to attend BNAT13WOLF?

BONUS VIDEO EXTRA POINTS: Simply you singing the ENJOLI Commercial on camera.   OR reinterpret the video.  You can not change the lyrics, but you can own the video.  Genre-mashup it, play with it.  Think about how SWAN would reinterpret it.   OWN IT.   This video will be represented by a link to it on YouTube or Viveo or a similar free video hosting site.  The best videos will be highlighted on the site.   This isn't a required part of the application, but a fun extra thing.   Already people have been recording theirs.   Join the madness!


After you are notified that you've gained admission to BNAT - information on ticket price and how to purchase your ticket - will be passed on to you.  The price changes each year based upon the budget of the event & the needs of the Saturday Morning Kids Club.  So you're doing a good thing here!  

NOW - where do you send this application?

HK at AintItCool.Com

with the following EXACT subject line:

Knowles I want into BNAT13WOLF - Stop Torturing Me!

That Subject line will put your email in the right folder.  If it doesn't have that subject line, it doesn't count as a submission.

Deadline for Submitting your entry is Midnight HALLOWEEN, the second after is November 1st.    I will attempt to notify each of you that win - via email, no later than the 3rd of November.  The whole list will be published on AICN on 4th of November...  a date you should remember...

Now excuse me, I have to start nailing down all the coolness for this December...   Have fun with the application.   That's what it is meant for.   Best of luck!

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