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Trailer For CHRONICLE! A Found Footage Superhero Movie?

Nordling here.

Alright, I know what many of you will say, and I can't disagree.  I think the found footage genre of filmmaking is inherently flawed.  The cameraperson in the film can't just be a passive character while strange things are happening in front of them.  I think the only film that got this right, really, was THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, the one that started it all, and even then there are scenes that push credulity.  CLOVERFIELD brought the found footage motif to the monster movie, and now Fox's CHRONICLE brings it to superheroes.

Or at least, superpowered teens.  I like a lot of what I'm seeing here - I especially like how the kids use their powers to goof off at first, but then something happens... one of them starts getting stronger, and the other two friends have to figure out how to stop him.  It's nowhere near approaching the scope of AKIRA, but I have to admit getting that vibe in a couple of the scenes.  Here, see for yourself, courtesy of MTV:


CHRONICLE opens February, 2012.  Nordling, out.

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