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It's Official - This year's Butt-Numb-A-Thon is officially BNAT13WOLF! Mayhem follows...


Hey folks, Harry here... Now that Butt-Numb-A-Thon's numerical number has reached Jeff Mahler's actual intellectual high point of 13, how could I resist making this BNAT, BNAT13WOLF or BNAT thirTEEN-WOLF.  It's just one of those moments where BNAT has to acknowledge the hard work that Tim League and I have done to try...  repeatedly... to screen TEEN WOLF.   No matter which print or what technology we throw at it, the print burns, pixellates to death...  but it just won't play.   This is frustrating - because Jeff Mahler is the tiniest, most precious lil fan of BNAT!   

You've seen the corner animation - here it is in its full glory!




Ok - So what can I tell you about BNAT13WOLF to get you started working on your applications...

I have yet to meet with the folks at the Drafthouse to set up the official application page on the official BNAT website - but that doesn't mean you can't get to work getting materials ready.

The offical BNAT hashtag on Twitter will be: #BNAT13WOLF

The official date for BNAT will be December 10th-11th - though there will be a pre-party on the night of the 9th (details still being worked out, though I am thinking of having everyone dress as they would have in their teenage years and hooking up at PINBALLZ ARCADE here in Austin!)

The BNAT PHOTO this year is to do something TEEN WOLF related...  You can surf atop your car, you can wolf out, you can be a cheerleader, wear a letter jacket, lift a leg at a fire hydrant, but if you do anything MTV TEEN WOLF related you will be instantly deleted.   

The BONUS VIDEO this year will be to do your own singing version of this:



That's right - Men, YOU TOO.   Last year the Ladies put up with MANDOM, it's your turn to gender shift!  Honestly, I've been obsessed with this commercial since my Mom used to sing this jingle throughout the 70s.   Ladies, I can't wait to see you belt this, but Guys...  OWN IT!  I know you can!

Lastly - the film I'm going to ask you to write about this year, the HOMEWORK assignment that so many of you enjoyed last year is going to be... ACT OF VENGEANCE from 1974 - it is on Netflix Instant - and I'm not going to say what I'm going to aim for, but if you've been to BNAT - you've seen the trailer for a few years.   Under it's other, more horrifying name... THE RAPE SQUAD.  

For now - that's all I can give you.   OTHER THAN...

For those of you that have no clue what the hell a BUTT-NUMB-A-THON is - here's the dish.

For the past 12 years, I've thrown a 24 Hour Celebration of the Cinematic Arts...  From Independents to Silents to Classic B&W to literally the BIGGEST MOVIE EVER MADE.   Just read the Wikipedia page for BUTT-NUMB-A-THON and the List of Films that played - and ask yourself...  as a movie geek, how can you not be dying to attend.   Anything can happen.   Last year everyone got Sexual Devices to take home.   One year, it was HD-DVD players - when they still ruled!  We've given out game systems, blu rays, posters, pipe cleaners...  Essentially - it's my Birthday Party that I throw, and yet the attendees get presents.   The ticket price goes to continue to sponsor Austin's Longest Running Film Series, THE SATURDAY MORNING KIDS CLUB - that I run with the awesome folks at the Alamo Drafthouse - which programs killer cool cinema for kids year round free of charage!  Planting the seeds of future film geeks!

I don't believe I've adequately explained BNAT - instead - I'll leave it to BNATTERS from BNATs Past to litter the talkback with their own eloquent memories of the experience.   I'm aiming to have the application page live by mid-month.   With the deadline for filing again taking place on Halloween night.

Till then, I'll bid you a fond farewell.   

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