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Take an exclusive look at the wonderful art of Drew Struzan from his new book Oeuvre!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Drew Struzan is the master. I know that, you know that, anybody with more than a smidgeon of love for film knows that. His iconic poster work is truly breathtaking and is so closely tied to the magic of the movies for me that it’s not much of a jump for my brain to consider him amongst the ranks of Spielberg, Lucas, Tippett and Muren.

You may remember I interviewed the man for the release of his last book, The Art of Drew Struzan. If you missed it, click here. That book was fantastic in that we got to see his process from rough first passes, sketched ideas to final product.

His new book Drew Struzan: Oeuvre isn’t as focused on the process, but on his work itself. And not just his movie work. There’s book covers, band art, commercial art pieces and much more all bound within a beautiful hardcover book.



The book ships tomorrow and in celebration I have a few exclusive pieces of art to share with you.

Below you’ll see a variet of pop culture as recorded through Struzan’s brilliant eye. From The Muppets to John Rambo and everybody’s favorite adventuring archeologist you’ll get a little taste at the kind of work showcased in the wonderful book! Enjoy!







Simply amazing. That kind of talent baffles me, it really does. Hope you guys enjoyed the look at Mr. Struzan’s work and I can’t recommend picking up Oeuvre enough. Such a great collection of the man’s art; a must own for any movie/pop culture fan!

-Eric Vespe
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