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Raising Geeks - Past & Present!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  In the past couple days, I've received a trio of emails from folks, documenting the cool at home geekery that we as kids growing up were treated to - and how we treat our own kids today.   I'm going to call the column, RAISING GEEKS.   I was raised by Father Geek to be exactly what I am today.   We all feel a certain degree of attachment to the cool shit that shaped us.   We owe a great deal of thanks to the creators of that stuff, but also the parents that allowed us to wallow in it.   This column is dedicated to our bedrooms, costumes, backyard playsets, birthday celebrations, toy collections and just the geeky cool stuff that makes our lives the better.  First up is a letter from the geek that kind of kick started my desire to create this column, I hope you enjoy...




Hi Harry – I loved reading your article about your experience in Toronto while premiering your ComicCon Film – particularly where you framed your ‘geek’ life through the experiences your father provided you with.   I feel the same way about my dad.  Given that we’re almost into October - I thought I’d share a few of my Hallowe’en costumes that he made for my brother and I over the years – and now continues to make for our kids.  Hope you enjoy.


Captain America (Me) and My Brother as Twiggy from Buck Rogers

And my Captain America Birthday Cake

Lone Ranger and Tonto (everyone thought my brother was  girl that year – so this costume stings a bit for him)

The Caped Crusaders – Obviously based on our then heroes Adam West and Burt Ward.  My dad kept us on the right track by having his friends call us pretending to be Batman and Robin – “be good and listen to your parents young crusaders”

Don’t ask me how he did it – but in Grade 3 – he turned me into ‘T’. (I was a huge A-Team fan)

Grade 4 – Spidey.

A behind the scenes shot for Quint.

Bugsy Malone and Bugs Bunny.

And even though he’s been battling Cancer for last few years – he still breaks out the sewing machine every year and makes them for our kids.

Sure do love being a geek.

Michael Attard


Don't you love that story?  And that MR. T costume might very well be the most hilarious childhood geek costume that I've ever seen.  I salute Mr Attard's father for his amazing costume work for his son and granddaughters.  Excellent.  

Mere hours after I received the above, Brian Day sent me the following:


My 8 year old son broke arm last week and when they knocked him out Tuesday to set the bones and cast him he woke up to find he was America's hero.   Ain't it cool?!

Brian Day

I love that - I mean, that's an awesome cast for a kid!   

The next thing that I received came in today...  Here...  a father decided to show his son EMPIRE STRIKES BACK for the first time, so that he could discover the SECRET that was contained within.  He then took that key moment from the film and recorded his son's reaction.  I think it is total gold!

Hey Harry

Not a normal news item but i thought you might like this - Our 4 year old Faris watched The Empire Strikes Back for the first time and this was his reaction to Vader's secret....

best regards


SO - if you have some cool moments from your childhood - be they vintage, or of the kids you're raising today - doing something awesome and geeky cool.   Let's see em!   This stuff rules!

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