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The John Dies At The End trailer premiered at Fantastic Fest today, but you can watch it right now!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Don Coscarelli and Doug Jones showed up at Fantastic Fest today to premiere the trailer for their upcoming effort John Dies at the End as well as a few minutes of lead Chase Williamson in a car talking with Jones' Roger North, a mysterious stranger not from around these parts.

That footage, featuring a pain-inducing slug of some sort, is not online, unfortunately, but the trailer is and it's a good one. Coscarelli's last big cult indie hit was Bubba Ho-Tep and you can see a lot of that creativity and weirdness on display here.

So, see Paul Giamatti being awesome, Clancy Brown being a badass, Chase Williamson being funny, the teacher from Gremlins/Super 8 being odd and a bunch of really creepy dudes in masks and hope we get to see this one in a theater near us sometime in the foreseeable future!



-Eric Vespe
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