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Further Information On JURASSIC PARK 3

Hey folks, AnimatorGuy chimes in with another brief newsbits from NEW ZEALAND and ya know... I'm actually giddy about a Joe Johnston JURASSIC PARK 3! Here we go...

Hi Harry,

I just read your article on Jurassic Park 3 and just wanted to add some. Last night I watched the late night news (in NZ) where they reported that Jurassic park 3's opening scene is going to be filmed in NZ starting late Feb early march in the beautiful Fiordland (at the bottom of New Zealand's South Island) they had actually planned to film scenes of "The Lost World" there but, for some reason ended up scraping that idea.

I can also tell you this, a friend of mine who works at the brand new Planet Hollywood complex in Auckland NZ was lucky enough to be Sam Neils and family's personal guide at the opening of Planet Hollywood whilst here with Robin Williams promoting "Bicentennial Man" a few weeks ago, he slipped in a question about reprising his role as Alan Grant in JP 3, in which Sam Neil just smiled and said something along the lines of "you'll just have to wait and see"

I have no idea what that could mean, he may have just said that to brush him off politlely, but hopefully it means something else. The full cast line up is to be revealed late Feb/march so I guess we'll find out then!

Animatorguy :)=

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