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First You Get The Money, Then You Get The Power, Then You Remake SCARFACE All Over Again!


Beaks here...

This movie is like a great big pussy just waiting to get fucked again and again.

I'm old enough to remember film critics getting up in arms over Brian De Palma's remake of Howard Hawks's 1932 SCARFACE, so I'm not going to condemn Universal Pictures for wanting to return to this evergreen about the taking of the American dream. After all, Hawks's and De Palma's versions are far too indelible to ever be forgotten. According to Deadline's Mike Fleming, the studio has been meeting with writers in hopes of finding a fresh new take on the material. It's unclear from Fleming's article whether the studio has found their writer (and/or director), but it sounds like they at least have an idea of where they'd like Tony to hail from. I sure hope it's outer space.

The new SCARFACE will be produced by Martin Bregman (who also produced the '83 remake) and former Universal chairman Marc Shmuger. I wouldn't be surprised if they skew much younger with this movie (i.e. aim for a PG-13), but we'll see. I sincerely doubt they'll make a film so violent it'll have to be re-edited to avoid an NC-17.

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