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Akiva Goldsman talks about THE SUM OF ALL FEARS...

Hey folks, I know there is a lot of fan hatred for Akiva Goldsman as a writer of films that should have been great but didn't turn out that way. After all... He's the writer of BATMAN AND ROBIN and LOST IN SPACE and producer on DEEP BLUE SEA. Well, personally... I don't hate Akiva. Having read his script for BATMAN AND ROBIN prior to the neon lighting, nipples and codpieces.... Having read LOST IN SPACE before that shitty animated space monkey, the stilted direction and horrendous shift of focus from Will to Daddy Robinson... I actually liked those scripts, and felt in both cases they were destroyed post-script by directors that didn't get the scripts and completely misinterpretated what is on the page. This has happened to other writers. Take David Webb Peoples and SOLDIER. The script was fucking brilliant before that black hole of talent, Paul Anderson got his paws upon the project and created one of the world's purely hidieous ugly wretches of floating maggot-infested excrement. That ain't Peoples' fault... Hell, he wrote BLADE RUNNER... What the hell has Paul Anderson done? So once again... I'll stay neutral on Akiva and give him a chance... here's what he had to say to VIDEO TRADER about the latest Jack Ryan pic...

Came across some interesting info in industry only magazine, Video Trader, on Producer/writer Akiva Goldsmith's involvement with "The Sum of all Fears".

David Pearce, the writer says "You're doing the next Tom Clancy with Harrison Ford - hows it going?"

Akiva : Good. I've done a couple of drafts. Harrison I think is in the middle of discussions with Paramount about when where and how. It was really fun to write. I expect that when that movie sees the screen, Steve Zallian will appear and do some writing on it. I don't mind sharing a credit with Steve Zallian, he wrote SCHINDLER'S LIST and he's written the last three. I think, according to Paramount, they're ready to make the movie off the draft they just got handed. And I get to blow the draft they just got handed. And I get to blow up the Super Bowl with a nuclear bomb, which you don't get to do in a script a lot, so that's fun.

sounds like a good Clancy flick here. If I find anymore info I will post it on my site MOVIEHOLE!

Love your site


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