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Ghostbusters theatrical rerelease slated for next month!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. The next entry into my editorial column THIS SHOULD HAPPEN was going to be about rereleases (and it still very well might be), so consider my pleasant surprise at the news of Ghostbusters being rereleased to theaters next month.

Now, there aren't any details that I've been able to find. I don't know how many screens, if it's a real 2k/4k re-release or one of those shitty DVD projection jobs, but the Ghostbusters Facebook page hinted at things in the works and then posted a trailer announcing the return of Ghostbusters to the big screen.

If it ends up being a well-pushed wide-release then this could very well be the studio's way of gauging interest in the franchise as they decide what to do about Ghostbusters 3.

I want this trend to continue, so you better believe I support these re-releases. The UK is getting Jurassic Park, we're getting Ghostbusters... If studios are smart they'll realize how much money they could make in pushing rereleases of these big audience pleasers.

Anyway, I'll save that rambling for the next This Should Happen. More Ghostbusters rerelease news as it comes in!

-Eric Vespe
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