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See Zombies Attack On A WORLD WAR Z Set Video!

Nordling here.

Thanks to FilmDrunk for this minute-long view of a zombie attack on WORLD WAR Z.  Obviously this is missing post-production effects and camerawork, as this was shot from the set, but it will become apparent to anyone who sees this that the zombies in this video act very differently from the zombies in Max Brooks' book.  There's a lot of running, and the zombie transmission appears to take a matter of seconds instead of days.  The zombies in WORLD WAR Z the novel are very traditional Romero zombies, and if this video is any indication, we won't be getting that in this film:

The video does showcase the scale of the film, but I'm still not sure.  If this fast transmission is going to be a part of this I don't know what this will mean for the Battle of Yonkers, if it's going to be in the movie.  Part of the scary nature of that was the slow build of tension as the soldiers realized that the zombies would never stop coming.  If the transmission works this fast, i think we could be in for a very different take on the material than we expected, and we already expected some changes due to the officially-released synopsis a couple of weeks back.

Nordling, out.

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