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Must Watch: A lucky little British kid visits Luke Skywalker on the set of The Empire Strikes Back!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. The swell folks over at dug this crazy promo video up. It's to promote The Empire Strikes Back and has a little 8 year old contest winning mega-Star Wars fan visiting Luke Skywalker and R2 in Dagobah.

It's cute and a little creepy, especially towards the end. You have to watch, we'll discuss after and see if you saw what I saw...



There's some really regrettable angles on Mark Hamill's picnic with this kid. His lightsaber is creepily phallic. I'm not crazy, right? You guys saw that, too? And the host of Jim'll Fix It really should have thought his conversation with Chewbacca through. Did Chewy really growl that sometimes eats little girls? Someone involved with that program surely recognized the pedo-tastic double entendre, right?

Despite all that (or perhaps even because of all that), this clip made me smile really big. And it shocked me just how long the clip they ran was! Crazy.

What do you guys think? Dig it?

-Eric Vespe
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