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Doc Brown Is Back From (Or Comes Back To??) The Future For A New...Commercial?!


Merrick here...

A set of videos has been making the rounds, featuring Christopher Lloyd reprising his Doctor Emmett Brown role from the BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogy

Many have pondered whether these videos may represent a viral campaign signifying movement on an oft-rumored BTTF redux - it's actually a spot for Garbarino electronics store in Argentina (the video is featured prominently on the Garbarino site).  NOTE that the originally leaked embed (HERE) did not carry the "VOLVER AL FUTURO" watermark - which might've made the footage a tad more perplexing upon first viewing. 


THIS piece at AutoBlog offers a tad more insight into the commercial: 

...the DeLorean used for close-ups in the commercial is one of the actual originals used in the filming of the movie. Look closely, though, and you'll see that the machine used for the stunts is actually an old and heavily disguised Toyota Celica... apparently, nobody was in the least bit interested in damaging such an iconic movie prop.

This behind-the-scenes embed of the shoot clearly shows the cleverly modified Celica discussed by AutoBlog. 


There's also "security cam" footage of the incident...


It's all kinds of fun to see Lloyd back as Doc Brown, and I suppose we should be at least a little thankful that he's doing this for a commercial instead of a remake/redux/"re-invention" or whatever. 

Thanks to deadhead for an initial e-mail about the videos. 


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