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Tron Talks TR3N!!


Merrick here...

Nothing too earth shattering here, but interesting all the same.

We've known for a while know that a third TRON film was in the works, given the reasonable success of TRON LEGACY and the presumed success of Disney XD's forthcoming TRON UPRISING cartoon show. 


Nonetheless, it's been a while since we've heard anything about this new picture's status.  So AICN reader Chris caught up with Bruce Boxleitner (Tron/Alan Bradley in the first two films) at the recent D23 and asked him about it. 

Here's what Bruce had to say: 




Hopefully we'll get to see some Tron the next time around.  I "get" the concept of not seeing him too much in the recent movie, especially given the film's "LEGACY" subtitle, but I think it was a complete cop-out to only hear his voice and never to show his face once we learned the character was still around.  A few minutes of ass-kicking (obvious) Tron wouldn't have hurt anything, and would've only served to elevate the picture's Geek factor. 


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