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See Philadelphia...In Glasgow!! Here Come The WORLD WAR Z Shoot Pics!!

Merrick here...

An AICN reader named Muscles sent in some pics from the filming of Marc Forster's adaptation of Max Brook's WORLD WAR Z book.  The film stars Brad Pitt and is scripted by BABYLON 5's J. Michael Straczynski.  

These pics are not as pyrotechnically satisfying as the AVENGERS spy pics we saw yesterday, cynical as I am...I still can't help but be a little amazed by the notion of turning Glasgow into...Philadelphia. 

Here's Muscles...

I was in Glasgow, Scotland today and was able to have a little wander around the set for World War Z thats been built in the city centre.  Looks like its doubling for Philadelphia, but also noticed an MTA bus and the humvees have NJ plates.  Very cool.  Pics attached.








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