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Bruce Willis to be the original G.I. JOE in G.I. JOE 2?

Hey folks, Harry here...   over at Hollywood Reporter, they broke that Bruce Willis has entered into negotiations to play General Joe Colton, whom Marvel GI JOE geeks will instantly recognize as the founder of the G.I. JOE strike team.   Love that.   With a cast that includes Dwayne Johnson, Ray Stevenson, RZA and Adrianne Palicki - this is looking to be a different G.I. JOE film.   

Now, I'm someone that had a whole lot of fun with Captain Sugar-Rush's first film...   but someone over at Paramount seems to be trying to prove a point that even the guy that did STEP UP flicks, that Justin Bieber flick...  he's gonna come in and make a REAL G.I. JOE film - and I have no idea what to think of that, because none of us have a clue what Jon Chu can do.  One thing is certain, he's getting a helluva more interesting cast together...   Let's just hope he has the chops to elevate the material beyond the Saturday Morning mindset - and make it at least Afternoon or Late Night Toon worthy.   Right?   Personally, I'm rooting for him.   I do not want to see a G.I. JOE flick that is any worse than the last one.   But one thing is certain...  Nothing will be better than MEGAFORCE.

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