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Francis Ford Coppola's TWIXT Trailer!

Nordling here.

I'm not at a place where I can watch this trailer with any kind of concentration, but I've been intrigued by this film since Francis Ford Coppola announced it.  Add to that the genuinely interesting Comic-Con panel - Beaks has a great write-up of it here - and the idea that Coppola may take this film on the road and edit the film based on the audience reactions every night, like a mix DJ, well, I really want to see this film badly.  Coppola's earned his "Master Filmmaker" status, and those who would suggest otherwise just don't know how to watch movies correctly. 

His current career iteration is inspiring - he's making films about subjects that interest him.  TWIXT seems like something of a return to his roots - although it's certainly not in the tone of DEMENTIA 13, the idea that Coppola is playing around in the horror genre again makes me really happy and excited to see this film.  Here's the new trailer:

I'm not sure when or even if this film will open, but when it does, I'm there.  Nordling, out.

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