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Eddie Murphy And Ben Stiller Go A-Filchin' In The Trailer For Brett Ratner's TOWER HEIST!


Beaks here...

Brett Ratner's TOWER HEIST could be a fun, rob-from-the-dishonest diversion come November 4th, provided the U.S. hasn't descended into total financial chaos by then. Of course, it'll have to be funnier than the just-released trailer (or simply funny), but there's no way you can completely squander Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller, Casey Affleck, Matthew Broderick, Michael Pena, Alan Alda and Tea Leoni. Right?

In any event, here's what Universal is selling.


If the embed isn't working, go to Yahoo! Movies to view the trailer.

TOWER HEIST was written by Ted Griffin and Jeff Nathanson, both of whom know their way around stealin' movies. I also found Judd Hirsch in the trailer. See?


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