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AICN COMICS SDCC 2011 FALLOUT: Ambush Bug announces his new werewolf comic LUNA on FAMOUS MONSTERS panel!!!

@@@ What the &#$% is AICN’s SDCC FALLOUT Q&@? @@@

Ambush Bug and the @$$Holes hit the San Diego Comic Con hard this year. So for the next few weeks, expect a megaton bomb worth of interviews and content showing all that happened during this event.

Sue me for being selfish, but one of the highlights of the con for me was sitting on the FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND panel, not as a moderator, but as a professional talking about his own work. Publisher Phil Kim and editor Ed Blair presented all of the new things coming to FAMOUS MONSTERS such as a partnership with ZOMBIE LANE creator Mark Dooley, more painted covers by legendary monster maker Rick Baker, Jason Edmiston, Joe Moe, and August Ragone, and a new website design (which you can find by clicking here).

FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND not only sports an awesome Rick Baker cover, but also marks my debut as writer for the magazine with an article I penned focusing on Found Footage Films through the years. You wouldn’t believe how much of a thrill it was to see a story I wrote published in the pages of the magazine I grew up reading religiously. Check out this story in issue #257 which should be available now!

FAMOUS MONSTERS also announced in the panel that for the first time the magazine will be venturing into the realm of comic books with FAMOUS MONSTERS PRESENTS: LUNA, a four issue miniseries written by myself and Martin Fisher who wrote the fantastic zombie miniseries RISERS. Click on the images scattered throughout this article for bigger images of the preview pages.

LUNA takes place in the South American mountains as a handful of werewolves decide to shun society and live in a monastery away from the temptation of and persecution from humanity. When a team of climbers scale the mountain the monastery rests upon, the peaceful existence the werewolf monks have made for themselves is threatened.

Described as “CLIFFHANGER with werewolves”, LUNA is an action horror miniseries illustrated by newcomer Tim Rees, colored by Javil Laparra, and lettered by Dave Reynolds and sports many species of lycanthrope from literature and films. It will be released this October, just in time for Halloween!

Be sure to look for more info on LUNA in the coming months.

Editing, compiling, imaging, coding, logos & cat-wrangling: Ambush Bug
Proofs, co-edits & common sense: Sleazy G
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