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X-MEN: The Scoop You've Been Waiting For!

Hey there folks. Harry here. I've just returned from a top secret mission to the City of Fallen Angles.... Los Angeles, where I took it upon myself to... "GET THE JOB DONE" as Gregory Peck would say.

I had many MARVELs to perform. This trip, I was bound and determined to track down the David Koepp script for SPIDER-MAN (mission accomplished), I was determined to acquire images of the X-MEN in costume (mission accomplished) and lastly... to find out what Stan Lee was up to with that Stan Lee Media company of his (mission accomplished) All in all... Twas a good set of missions. I figured that you good folks at home would be most anxious about the X-MEN pics so I'm bringing them to ya first. Next I'll write up the David Koepp script review of SPIDER-MAN, then follow up with the movements of Stan "The Man" Lee. All worthy spy missions.

First up, I had to contact my mole: KingMob66. So I called him and spoke two simple words... "RED QUEEN" and he went into motion. He probably doesn't even remember doing this, but neverthless... He sent me the pics I've been after... then returned to his cubicle... a bit hungover, but no worse for wear.

And now... Here we go...

First here is Professor X with his ol Cerebro thingee (I believe) attached to his cranium.

Second, we have ol Cyke himself. Now what's interesting is this is actually a different costume than the one I had previously seen him wearing. And yes, I'm well aware that he kind looks a bit dorky standing there like that, but... ya know... I believe when we see OPTIC BLASTS coming out of that visor and the inevitably cool ass sound OPTIC BLASTS make... that I'll be pretty damn happy.

Third, here's Wolvie... Personally I wish I didn't get this picture because this is a STIFF promotional shot if I've ever seen one. One pic I saw about a month ago had him crouching and in a ANGRY mode. Wish I had that one here instead. But here you can see what I meant when I said they had begun to do the Wolverine Hair Thingee... you might need to take these pics and lighten em up a bit... In Adobe, they looked fine... but sometimes browsers darken this stuff.

Ahhhh... Mystique... My favorite character look in X-MEN that I've seen thus far. This close up unfortunately doesn't show off Rebecca's ample talents, but you do get to see her groovy make up. Dontcha just love er?

Ugh... I loathe this shot of THE TOAD. I hope and pray that this is a preliminary look for The Toad, one that was taken early on, and that is COMPLETELY different in the film. I've heard about fantastic motion on this character, and I have no doubt that Ray can do that stuff, especially when the computer adds to his already ridiculously cool skills... But... ugh. This pic sends shivers...

And then there is Sabertooth, and I have to say... I like this shot of the character. Word has it, that in a week or two, we'll be seeing a trailer... with a strong STRONG likelihood of SuperBowl trailer. Which will probably be quickly followed up by a host of hosts hosting X-MEN trailers, and hopefully and official QUICKTIME 4 trailer on the official site! So... here you folks go... So stop your whining that I don't get the goods... Shhhiiiiiiittttt, the wolf is on the case!

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