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New red-band trailer for Refn's DRIVE, which left Cannes stinkin like burnt rubber!

Hey folks, Harry here...  Every year at Cannes there's a film that people manage to say the precise exact things that get me excited.   This year, that film belongs to DRIVE...  of course, no matter of bad word would've kept me from being excited for this film.   Nicolas Refn's BRONSON & PUSHER are a pair of acetylene torches of cinema...   For directing Tom Hardy to his very best performance thus far, Refn has me forever.   That Refn chose Ryan Gosling as his McQueen-ish character...  that Carey Mulligan is involved.   That Christina Hendricks looks absolutely smoking.   That Ron Perlman is looking badass.   That Albert Brooks is playing the big dick of the flick...   Oh yeah, I'm all about this.   Check out the trailer here:

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