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EXCLUSIVE: AICN Premieres The BUNRAKU Trailer Online!

Nordling here.

Jeez, we've been posting a ton of content today and half our staff's in San Diego.  And the day's not over yet - I have an exclusive poster premiere later in the evening.  But if you can keep up with us, we're going to keep bringing you the good stuff.

Attack Of The Show played the BUNRAKU trailer on Wednesday, July 20th, and today, AICN has it for you exclusive online!  The trailer looks crazy, with gangsters, cowboys, samurai, car chases, and Woody Harrelson doing his Bartender thing again.  This played at last year's Fantastic Fest and got a great response, and judging from the trailer it looks to be kinetic and fun.  Here's the BUNRAKU trailer!

BUNRAKU comes out on September 1st VOD and September 30th Theatrical.  Nordling, out.

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