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Will Ed Norton Go Head To Head With Jeremy Renner In THE BOURNE LEGACY?

Nordling here.

Tony Gilroy's THE BOURNE LEGACY is looking better and better, even without Matt Damon playing the titular character in it.  Variety is reporting tonight that Ed Norton is in talks to play the film's villain, going against Jeremy Renner in the new film, which will take place in the Bourne universe as Renner's character seeks his own identity.  The film already has Renner and Rachel Weisz in the cast, and adding Norton as the villain ups the ante for this action thriller.  Although Jason Bourne does not appear in the film, I'd imagine there will be some kind of callback to him and since Damon hasn't discounted returning to the iconic role, it's quite possible if this film is successful that we'll be seeing all of these characters again in a new Bourne film.

For myself, the Bourne films got better as they went further along in the series, so THE BOURNE LEGACY could very well end up being the best of the franchise.  I'm on record as pretty much despising shaky-cam action scenes, but the only time they really worked for me was in these films, and in THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM the sequence in Morocco is still one of my favorite set-pieces in a long time.  If Renner, Weisz, Norton, and Gilroy can bring that intensity to the film, it could be a success, with or without Matt Damon.

Nordling, out.

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