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Fili & Kili do the young smoldering Dwarf thing, but they will chop you in two! THE HOBBIT!

Hey folks, Harry here...  Just got back from Rehab, a fan sent this in - and now we have our first look at young Dwarves.   This is Fili & Kili (Dean O'Gorman & Aidan Turner respectively) and right at first, it's a little odd to see them looking, what's the word...   So dashing.   Especially Fili, he looks like he can't wait to mince goblin meat, whereas Kili looks committed to a mysterious yet stern stare whilst compensating with a large mean looking sword.    I never did like how these two characters were depicted in the Rankin Bass books, in fact most of the dwarves I felt were off of the book descriptions, save for Thorin, whom I adored in that cartoon and in the book.   I am giddy at the prospect of seeing these little guys unleash a good deal of whupass, but ya know...  they'll constantly need that furry footed fucker to save their dwarvish heinies from a multitude of near roastings.  SO - you loving this stuff like me?



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