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Listen to some of Alan Silvestri's Captain America score here!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a YouTube embed that features some 13+ minutes of Alan Silvestri's score from the upcoming Captain America. As a score geek, I've been dying to hear what Captain America is going to sound like. He's a superhero that can get away with a huge, orchestral iconic score... His story has everything... action, drama, high adventure, war elements, comedy and suspense.

Now we have our first real listen to Silvestri's score and my first impression is favorable. There are hints of Silvestri's Back to the Future and Predator scores and even a bit of James Horner's Rocketeer can be felt, most likely due to Joe Johnston's input.

It may not be as iconic as I wanted it to be, at least on first impression, but it's a huge, sweeping orchestral score, which is exactly what I hoped for the score to this movie.

We'll see how it plays in the film. Check out the below to give it a listen!



While we're at it, I'm with Scorekeeper in his sadness at the disappearance of Cinemagic from SiriusXM Radio. Back in the day when they weren't combined I chose XM over Sirius exactly because they had a movie music channel. I have all the channels I could want for classic rock, pop, oldies, etc on my radio. What I don't have is a local station that plays movie music 24/7. I'm hearing from many people that Cinemagic could be saved if a big enough stink is raised. If you care at all, take a minute to email and state your displeasure. Be nice, but firm. Your voice will be heard.

Movie geeks unite!

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