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Paul Dini and Alan Burnett are in the running to pen the live-action BATMAN BEYOND script!!!!

Dear All the Saints, Apostles and other semi-Holy things that men and women and flowers and trees and microbes and mites pray to... Please dear Warner Stockholders, whose pockets deserve to be filled with dividends and gleaming jewels and shiny gold.... Please oh please let Paul Dini and Alan Burnett land the BATMAN BEYOND feature project! Can the cloud surrounding the electrical synapses of the common Warner exec be lifting? Can the brilliance of pairing Steven Soderberg and George Clooney in OCEAN'S 11 be the precursor to the next great decision from Lorenzo? Having Paul Dini and Alan Burnett penning a BATMAN BEYOND movie, whilst a BRUCE WAYNE tv series by Tim McCanlies was airing on the WB... why... It would be superduperfantasticlydicious! This is the first I've heard about this... and I'm friggin so jazzed by the brilliance at work by Lorenzo to have these guys involved that... WOW! Too friggin cool. Perhaps this franchise can come to life as we all have dreamed it could folks! Man... Warners'll get fucking rich off this one! Must buy Warner Stock! Oh shit... AOL BOUGHT IT ALL! BASTARDS... I bet they had insider information about this stuff!

According to Bruce Timm, his collaborators Paul Dini and Alan Burnett have actually been approached by Warner Bros. Pictures about a BATMAN BEYOND live-action film, but were only asked to submit plot ideas, and at this point everything is speculation. Rumors about Keanu Reeves' involvement are, to use a polite work, garbage as far as anyone at the animation division knows, although nobody can deny that he's been quoted musing hypothetically about donning the suit in one kind of film or another. The direct-to-video BATMAN BEYOND animated feature, RETURN OF THE JOKER, is being readied in the meantime for November release, and promised to fill us in on what happened to the rest of the modern-day cast.

Best of New Year's wishes...

-- Brian

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