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Jon Favreau Interviews Harrison Ford about Cowboys and Aliens, Star Wars and Indiana Jones! Must watch!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Those longtime Favreau fans will remember his IFC show Dinner For Five... it was a fantastic show where he'd invite four people, most of the time friends, to have dinner in LA and he'd have movie business conversations with them.

It wasn't an interview show and as someone who has had many, many, many conversations on and off the record it was amazing to me how Favreau got these guys to be so conversational on camera. It felt like an "Off the record" show. I remember Faizon Love talking about how terrible Torque was and laughing at specific scenes... hell, I still quote that stuff with my friends. "They on Highway 10!"

So, Favreau has decided to interview his Cowboys and Aliens cast instead of the standard boring EPK interviews and he's framing these chats much like he did his Dinner For Five episodes. He starts with Harrison Ford and it's a great chat, with Harrison more engaged than I've ever seen him in an interview.

They discuss Ford's initial reluctance to do the movie, how he got Star Wars (his reaction to "Who was Dreyfuss reading for?" is priceless), a little bit about Indy and even a bit about his beaver. Enjoy!















These are awesome, right?

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