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Tom Hanks says Toy Story 4 is happening!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. We've been flooded with word from UK readers that Tom Hanks let a little something slip while appearing on BBC's Breakfast Show promoting Larry Crowne regarding the future of the Toy Story series.

He said that he thinks it's happening and when pressed further said they're working on it currently. Interesting, but not exactly surprising. With Cars 2 out this past weekend, a sequel to Monsters Inc in the works and some whispers about a sequel to The Incredibles, Pixar isn't shying away from sequels.

So far every Toy Story film has been fantastic, so I guess Pixar's earned some trust, but I don't know where you can go from Toy Story 3, which to me seemed to be the perfect wrap-up film that gave us a thematic ending where the toys come to peace with their owners growing up and leaving them.

I'd personally be fine with them ending the series there and letting us visit these characters from time to time via Pixar shorts, but if they feel they have more stories to tell I'm down with it.

Thanks to Nabs, CrackerJack and Maverick for the heads up. What do you folks think of this development?

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