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The Fate of Michael Bay's PEARL HARBOR in trouble'

Hey folks, Harry here. I've been receiving letters from folks out there that have read the recent stories about the alleged problems that caused Joe Roth to leave DISNEY. And the rumor has had it that Head Mousketeer, Michael Eisner, was upset about PEARL HARBOR, and that was the source of the sudden retirement of Joe Roth. It has then been speculated in the media... as well as from people out there in the world that this meant TROUBLE for Michael Bay's film... Like read this letter from 'Teenager'...

Hey Harry, Teenager here. Looks like "Pearl Harbor," originally known as "Tennessee" is in trouble. The script by Randall Wallace was originally going to be produced by Disney; but with the recent departure of top exec Joe Roth, it looks like the film may not be made after all, at least, nor for awhile. Speculation around the Disney lot is that Disney will balk at shelling out the big bucks needed to make this film without the supervision of Joe Roth.

Just thought you might like to know.


Well... That would be 'SPECULATION'... The truth is... Pearl Harbor (aka TENNESSEE)is still set to begin shooting in Hawaii on April 10th. Michael Bay and crew are currently in the midst of meeting with a wide array of actors and actresses, and it's looking like some casting is almost ready to go forward. They will be shooting in Hawaii for 6 weeks, before moving production to Baja, California for additional shooting. Recently Michael Bay was in Texas taking a look at an old Aircraft Carrier, and the film is being made. So, while Roth MAY have very well left Disney over some heated discussion with Eisner, (Which I Do Not Know), whatever happened between Eisner and Roth... It seems it will have NO effect upon the film or the film's future. And this is confirmed.

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