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Spielberg to do HARRY POTTER next'

Hey folks, Harry here with a message from dear Moriarty, who was checking in with his old stomping grounds' local paper when suddenly what should he find? Well... A story about Spielberg's alleged future. This story will be hitting Entertainment Tonight, tonight most likely... and they should... if they're on the ball at all have a response from Spielberg's camp... Alas... at this hour noone in the land of Spielberg was available for comment from the dear Professor, so... you'll just have to trust The London Times...

Hey, Head Geek...

"Moriarty" here.

I was just sitting at the keyboard in my study here in the Moriarty Labs, putting the final touches on my RUMBLINGS for tomorrow (a day early or a week late depending on how you look at it) when I came across a story on the website for the London Times.

They're reporting that Steven Spielberg has finally made his choice for what his next picture will be, and it looks like HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE is what he's going to plunge into. I say he's made the right choice, and it's a film that I'm going to be paying close attention to as it makes its way from page to screen. It's a great match of director and material. No matter what else he's achieved in his career, Spielberg remains one of the finest directors of children ever, a gift that will be essential in finding the right cast for the film and then capturing such beloved cultural icons onscreen.

This information coincides with something that one of our new spies, Peeping Tom, sent us at AICN this week. He's connected with all the major cinematographers in town, and he passed along word from inside Janusz Kaminski's camp that MINORITY REPORT was getting bumped. Since I'd been burned by that story once before, I decided to wait. Looks like this is the other shoe we've been waiting to hear drop.

Talk to you later tonight, Knowles. Until then...

"Moriarty" out.

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