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Behold Christopher Nolan & David Fincher bow before the greatness of Malick's TREE OF LIFE!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  got a busy film day - a pair of summer blockbusters and a big FANTASTIC FEST meeting, but before I leave the house, I had to share this.   It's one thing to hear film critics worshipping a filmmaker that is known for being brilliant, but difficult for mass consumption, but when you have two filmmakers like David Fincher and Christopher Nolan.   These two have a very obvious understanding of film on an incredibly powerful & commercial level.   Now, they've sat down and given their thoughts on what it is that Malick does that no other filmmaker can quite emulate.   It's really quite a sweet expression of love for another filmmaker that I genuinely wish other filmmakers would open themselves up to discuss and reflect upon the great contemporaries as they make difficult films to sell.  

TREE OF LIFE is great filmmaking.  A film that bores its way into your brain and in the month or so since seeing it, I have to say - I reflect upon the film often with friends.   Can't say that about much of anything else this year.   Though in a completely different way, I am going there with Woody's MIDNIGHT IN PARIS. Anyway, here's David and Chris...  Enjoy...


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