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UPDATED: Some DARK KNIGHT RISES tidbits from fans in England & Pittsburgh!

Hey folks, Harry here again...  Got an update from Droolsworth Fitzherbert, who had a talk with a member of the advance team for DARK KNIGHT RISES in Pittsburgh, and due to the story on AICN, asked this crew member about blowing up Melon Arena and was told that the production couldn't get permission to blow it up.   However, they are going to be shooting at Heinz Field in the film and that there were going to be some pretty hefty explosions within the stadium.   So once again, it will be HEINZ FIELD that has the big booms going off, not Melon Arena.   FYI!   Thanks goes out to Droolsworth Fitzherbert for being Johnny on the Spot with this!




Hey folks, Harry here...  Got my nephew for the next couple of days.  Right now - he's watching the Marx Brothers classic ANIMAL CRACKERS - and I'm checking the email to see what I can see, but usually Sundays are pretty damn slow...  However, today I got two separate and completely different tidbits regarding THE DARK KNIGHT RISES which is currently shooting over in England, but will soon be shooting in Pittsburgh.   First - let's take a look at the UK news...


I live in a small suburb on the outskirts of London, called Croydon. Recently some shooting for Dark Knight Rises was shot there.
Link below is from a local paper report, with a few setpics
(the guy in the first photo is wearing a balaclava, its not clear in the pic)


Ok - so we're going to be headed to a Gotham Hospital in this film.   Do you really think they're gonna have Bane break the Bat?  That's complete speculation, but we'll just have to wait and see.   

Next we leap back across the pond to the gleaming zombie utopia of Pittsburgh, where they began EXTRAS casting yesterday...   Oswald Cobblepot was there and has some curious dirt....



Hi Harry!

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day here in Pittsburgh as it was the first wave of extras casting calls for a movie codenamed "Magnus Rex".  You probably know the movie but for those who don't- it's The Dark Knight Rises. We have been giddy about this since the announcement and from what I hear, the turnout was massive. The reason I wanted to email you was because of who and what they were casting: Thugs, businessmen/women, and tons of SPORTS FANS.

The "Sports Fans" thing is what made me raise an eyebrow. See, a while back there was a rumor circulating that Nolan and Co. talked to our City Officials about our now vacant Mellon Arena (old home of The Penguins) and their desire to blow it the hell up for an epic action sequence. If the production paid for it, it would put them over the percentage mark to get the local tax credit. Nolan would use it in the movie, and all would be right with the world. Of course the Pittsburgh Film Office and everyone else dispelled this as just a rumor. But this call for "Sports Fans" has me wondering. Could there be some validity?

We all know Nolan's affinity for practical effects.

If you use this,

I'm Oswald Cobblepot


Alright...  So the tidbits we've learned is that there will be a Gotham Hospital scene...  There will be Sports Fans - which brings us to pondering what manner of Sport team Gotham has is...  and what they're called.   I personally vote for The Gotham Ghouls...   Just because if Gotham is going to be Romero's stomping grounds, it'd be a cute nod.   Then there's the rumor about blowing up a sports stadium - which if that does happen, we're counting on Pittsburgh fans to capture the big boom for all of us.   Right?  

Enjoy your Sunday...


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