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3 Current Ideas For The Next STAR TREK Series

Hey folks, Harry here. Just got this in, and figured I had to get this in front of you folks ASAP. Personally I like the second and third ones, and think that STAR TREK 90210 would suck just like most everything from the enemic ostrich of the galaxy. They wanted a focus group.... Let's give it to em! Here's the scoop....

Last night, over here in Glendale, CA, there was a focus group session where they floated 3 possible ideas for a new Star Trek series; ran them up the flagpole, so to speak, to see which ones we saluted. The focus group consisted of about 10 people, representing all demographics (male, female, young, old, all races.)

The premises were presented to us in very crude animatics (the focus groupers stressed that they final series would be live-action, and that these animatics were just for demonstration purposes.) Proctored discussion followed each presentation.

The first was the much rumored, "Star Fleet Academy." (So, despite the constant denials that this premise was even being considered, apparently it IS very much being mulled over.) Despite an initial warm reception, after some discussion, this was shot down by the group as "90210 in Space."

The second, and probably the strongest, involved an elite band of trouble-shooters that traveled throughout the galaxy, dealing with volitale situations and galactic hot-spots; sort of the Federation's Navy SEALS. They would go undercover, when necessary, and deal with terrorists, pirates, etc. This really seemed to have the best potential for being a kick-ass sci-fi adventure series.

The third concept was the least developed, and was set in the early, pre-Enterprise days of the Federation; back when Klingons were bad, Romulans were yet to be discovered, and young James T. was just a gleam in his father's eye. Basically, "Young Orignial Series Trek." But none of the original series' characters would be featured.

Let's hope that the second premise is the one that gets the red light, since that seems to have the most potential of reviving this lagging franchise.

Call me Jasper Sitwell.

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