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Two New Viral Videos For THE DARK KNIGHT RISES?

Nordling here.

Reader Chris Yost sent me a link to 411Mania, claiming that two new viral YouTubes of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES had come up.  The first looks to be in a prison - Arkham Asylum, perhaps? - and some strange chanting in the background, the words of which I couldn't  quite make out, and then a first-person view from a car driving very fast down a city street:

The next appears to be a garbled Gotham newscast where the headline reads Arkham Breakout and with what appears to be a building on fire.  In the video is a Facebook page link, which I typed out and it simply led me to The Fire Rises Facebook page.  I may have typed some of the numbers wrong. If any of you can catch it and figure it out, feel free to let us know:


I can't confirm or deny the authenticity of these clips, but they look interesting.  They could simply be fan postings, or something else.  You decide...

Nordling, out.

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