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A Trailer For TRUE
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Merrick here...

HBO has finally released a trailer for the fourth Season of TRUE BLOOD.  As far as what to expect this Season ? The trailer pretty much speaks for itself...



The series' third Season will soon be released on Blu-Ray (HERE) and standard DVD (HERE).  Seasons one and two of the show are available on Blu-Ray, DVD, or via Instant Video HERE

I enjoyed the first and third Seasons of TRUE BLOOD  quite a bit, feeling that...well...everything the TWILIGHT films do crassly, poorly, or insincerely this series presented compellingly (or at least intentionally amusingly).  Wow - there are a lot of 'ly's in that sentence.

I did feel that TRUE BLOOD's second Season - which featured STAR TREK and GALACTICA's Michelle Forbes as a villainess who fed on other's emotions - meandered and lacked propulsion.  This said, I'll be there...quite eagerly...when Season 4 ramps up in late June. 


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