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The Autronic Eye gives Father Geek a clear view of MINORITY REPORT

The Autronic Eye, peering out into the Darkest Night since 1953, has just contacted Father Geek here at AICN World Headquarters to give us all a glimpse of the near future as it concerns that much spectulated about Speilberg project... MINORITY REPORT. This motion picture will be based on a Philip K. Dick short story, the same source writer that did one of Father Geek's favorite SF flicks, BLADE RUNNER. Further, I understand that Alex McDowell is the Production Designer and his work is known to all geeks from FIGHT CLUB, FEAR & LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS, the 2 CROW movies and LAWNMOWER MAN. It may have some problems, but this film IS going to rock, can't wait. Last spotted in Belair, The Autronic Eye automatically tracks faint glimmers of light in the darkness of the future. Watch for his/her oncoming reports...

Set construction has already begun in earnst at the Manhattan Beach Studios in Manhattan Beach, California. (This is the same place that they film Ally McBeal and The Practice). I'm always reading about this on again/off again project--but trust me they've really already started working on it. I guess it's just too top secret to be widely known in the real world. Working on other projects at MBS I actually know little about this film itself---but you can believe me, set construction is nearly complete at the Manhattan Beach Studios. I see it daily and Speilberg himself often shows up to check out the sets.

These are the sets of Minority Report--you can bank on that.

Here's the setup for people who don't know what it's about- I won't give anything major away. In the future, which is stylistically like the 1950's (one of several nice touches), crime is prevented by a system that predicts criminal events that will happen in the future.

The method by which it is predicted is really really shaky, it involves some sort of psychic person/device known as "precog" - it is not well explained at all. But the main conflict centers around one of the two heads of Pre-Crime, and how it has been predicted that he is going to commit a crime.

Like the Fugitive, the movie follows him in his escapades escaping all of the pre-crime officers. But the major problem with this quasi-Orwellian script is that the major bad guy has somewhat weak motives. I can't believe that Spielberg expressed initial interest in this, but the project is moving ahead rapidly.

I'll Be Seeing You, In the Future... for as you know, That is where we will all spend the rest of our Lives...

The Autronic Eye

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