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Michael Mann's next film is sealed...THE GATES OF FIRE

Hey folks, Harry here. Right before Christmas, it was announced that Michael Mann was in negotiations on a project called "GATES OF FIRE", well this past Friday (as in a couple of days back) he signed on the dotted line and crossed... well ok, he doesn't have any T's to cross, but he completed them last two N's. What is THE GATES OF FIRE? Well, it seems to be a script by David Self based upon Steve Pressfield's pretty fricking amazing book on the battle of Thermopylae back in 450 B.C. Well, I haven't seen the script yet, but I can tell you that based on the work Self did on 13 DAYS... well, if he kept the same eye for humanizing history... not only will this be a huge action epic... but it will have a human story in the midst. Expect a cast filled with young guys like Damon, Affleck, Phillipe, Depp, etc... Those aren't names in it yet... just the age range of alot of the cast members according to the agent I talked to. Well... till later, I'm out...

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