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It's Official! Armie Hammer To Put On The Mask As THE LONE RANGER!

Nordling here.

Variety has the exclusive: Armie Hammer will play the Lone Ranger, partnering with Johnny Depp's Tonto under Gore Verbinski's direction.  He seems a little young to me, but I think he was terrific in THE SOCIAL NETWORK so I think they cast well.  Once Depp finishes up his Tim Burton DARK SHADOWS adaptation, filming will start on this Western blockbuster, to be released in fall, 2012 (possibly).

After seeing PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN 4 last night, all I can say is I welcome a chance to see Depp play something else than the drunken wise-cracking pirate of the last four films.  Hammer and Depp, with Verbinski making another Western after the animated RANGO, sounds like just the ticket.  So we'll see what happens as shooting begins later this year.

Nordling, out.

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