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Once upon a time it was THE GREATEST MUPPET MOVIE EVER - now the poster is here...

Hey folks, Harry here...   just got sent this from Montreal...   A teaser poster for THE MUPPETS due out November 23rd of this year...   and the poster kind of freaks me out.   Looking at them all full bodied.  Here, let's see what you think:

Ok...   Now from what I've heard about this film - it will not only be funny, but heart-breaking in the best kinds of MUPPET ways.   I had a friend on set that relayed to me one song about how nobody wants the Muppets anymore - and that it was so great he was in tears.   All I want is a film that has some soul.   That doesn't feel like a cash grab or an opportunity to be seized.   For me...  THE MUPPETS are a big deal and November 23rd is too far away!

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