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What is SUPER 8? We're still figuring it out - and that's the fun!

Hey folks, Harry here... and I'm getting the SUPER 8 fever.  If you've been paying attention online in the last 6-24 hrs, there's been a lot of material released - with a new TV spot from JJ's flick that got released to today that... well it is intense looking.

The key piece of information that has been frying my brain, got posted all the way back on Aprill 22nd, 2011 over at The HeroComplex, in this article - it has 7 films that JJ Abrams reportedly told them helped shape the eventual...  whatever, that SUPER 8 is.   Here's those 7 films:



John Carpenter's THE THING





In the quote regarding THE THING, JJ admits that all the Carpenter movies really, then also lists THE FOG and ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, then stating that he loves Snake Plisskin.

Ok - So I've had that article in my back pocket - when the onslaught of Television spots started getting released.

Here's the Yahoo Super 8 spot:


Then FANDANGO has their's all nice and big here

/FILM posted their spot on YouTube:





Lastly, posted theirs today:

Ok... Now JJ's being very tease-y with these spots - we see EFFECT, but no CAUSE.   At first, this seemed like a very Sweet film... but the more I see...  the more Carpenter I'm seeing seep into this Spielberg set up.   

What exactly has JJ made with SUPER 8?

He goes on about how much he loves Bottin's work in Carpenter's THE THING, he's referencing Cronenberg's SCANNERS and Scott's ALIEN.  The SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE inclusion JJ says is a bit off topic, but he really geeks out on the musical sound of that film...   

Now, I'm not asking anyone to tell me what the film is... cause I do not want to know until I see it... but I love looking at all this stuff, with those 7 films in my mind...  realizing that 5 of the 7 are horror, paranoid thrillers with a healthy dose of conspiratorial U.S. military problems too.  

I like that JJ puts themes and thoughts on the table...  gives us notions to think about...   but if JJ is telling us that he's made a jam pic, that has a healthy dose of Spielberg - but with a good even amounts of Cronenberg, Carpenter, Ridley Scott with a smidge of SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE at some level...   

Man, the mind boggles.   I have spoke to people that have seen SUPER 8 at various stages.   I've heard it called "FUCKING EXCELLENT" to "A CLASSIC" - and I am genuinely curious to see if it comes to be one or both of those.   A FUCKING EXCELLENT CLASSIC that could be played with those 7 titles would be awfully nice, dontcha think?

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