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Sam Raimi to direct SPIDER-MAN

Hey folks, Harry here.... Moriarty has got a confirmed scoop for y'all, and he's told me to expect an announcement any day now. SAM 'FRIGGIN' RAIMI.... YESSSSSS!!!!!!! This isn't a rumor he tells me. So, why don't one of you busy reporters out there, give Amy a call and get that headline out for on... Monday... cool? Oh... P.S. Before any of you TalkBackers have a chance.... "BRUCE CAMPBELL AS PETER PARKER!!!!!!!!" I think he's wrong for the part... unless they are playing this as the SIGNIFICANTLY OLDER PARKER... But... I just had to type it!

Hey, Head Geek...

"Moriarty" here.

Well, I was smack dab in the middle of a RUMBLINGS that covers BRUCE WAYNE, MISSION TO MARS, Bruce Willis in BEAUTY, and a few other topics, when someone literally swung by my window. I had to stand up and peek out... I mean, how often does someone go swinging by your window, y'know? I was stunned to realize that it was Spider-Man, the actual CGI Digital Domain test version I saw years ago. He swung back around and landed on the ledge by my window. I was working in my favorite thinking spot, one of the towers of the Labs, and it was a hell of a drop from where we were. He didn't seem to mind.

"So, uh... Spidey... what's up?" I asked. It's hard to know what to ask a piece of CGI test footage.

"Not much. Just celebrating, since it looks like I've finally found a director."

"What?" I almost fell out the window because of how surprised I was. I thought they were still square-dancing with a whole list of candidates. "Who?!?"

"Well," Spidey said, "they decided that they want to have two different creative talents involved... one to write, one to direct. They don't want anyone who's going to come in and overpower it, turn it into 'their' vision. They wanted the best filmmaker to take the in-progress Mamet draft and turn it into a faithful but kinetic Spider-Man... someone who would nail it, but not screw around with it."

"AND?!?!" I screamed.

"Sam Raimi, baby. Sam Fucking Raimi. Enjoy. See you in 2001." With that, he was off, leaving me alone with my thoughts and a big grin on my face. Sam Fucking Raimi, indeed.

See you guys in a couple of days. Until then...

"Moriarty" out.

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