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TINTIN appears at Cannes!


Hey folks, Harry here...   had an amazing day of Rehab, where I have apparently demonstrated radical recovery of 7 separate neurological areas of my spine, and as a result today has been filled with exploring just what all of that means.  That said, I come home and see this sitting in my email box - and now...  I'm just dying to see this Steven Spielberg / Peter Jackson jam project - It looks so f'n cool!  Here's who brought it to us:




Hi there!

this new pic has been spotted today at Cannes.

The film festival is about to open there and huge billboards about upcoming movies are rising up.

I think all Tintin lovers will be upset about this because the character barely uses a shotgun in the comic books.

Looks like Hollywood needs to sell this with the feeling of a big action flick. That's a shame...

Captain Iglo.

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