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Hand out the de-evolution guns! Prepare for The Behind the Scenes Pic of the Day! Where’s my pizza?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with today’s Behind the Scenes Pic!

Even as I Nintendo obsessed kid I knew something was wrong with Super Mario Bros: The Movie! Bob Hoskins as Mario is kind of genius casting, but the whole movie took off in such a dark, weird direction that at once seemed committed to the more ridiculous aspects of the video game and trying desperately to be completely different.

Now, young Samantha Mathis helped me through the movie (and puberty, but that’s gross so I won’t dwell on it) and there’s something gleefully unhinged about Dennis Hopper playing King Koopa, but I think this is the movie that make people say video games can not be adapted into a good movie. It’s silly, stupid, ridiculous and wastes the talents of so many genuinely good actors.

While I can’t say it’s a good movie, I must admit to having a certain amount of nostalgia about the flick… not so much having to do with quality, but a nostalgia for the time I saw it… That was the summer of Jurassic Park, the summer where my love affair with film evolved into a near religious calling.

The very nice Ryan Hoss of got in touch to share some never before published BTS pics from the movie and there was no hesitation on my part about saying yes. I’ve picked my favorites from the batch and decided to make a nice big rundown of images, most of them Goomba related.

Hope you guys enjoy these suckers! Click each to embiggen!



















Thanks again to for the shots!

Tomorrow’s Behind the Scenes Pic kicks off a holiday themed weekend!

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